The Rethink Nature Partnership works across the breadth of activities and geographic ranges of all the partner organisations.

Our priority activities are:

Developing and supporting action and advocacy for species recovery

Developing and supporting other initiatives that support our vision

Sharing skills and experiences

Influencing nature conservation thinking


Between us the partnership organisations employ more than 2,000 staff and work with nearly 40,000 volunteers We have over 1 million followers on both Twitter and Facebook and bring more than 1.1 million people with us through our memberships. We spend over £150 million a year on nature conservation (2018 figures).

Rethink Nature is currently supporting and working on three innovative conservation initiatives:

Farm Wildlife logo

Farm Wildlife

Farm Wildlife is a partnership of leading wildlife organisations working together to provide a single source of best-practice management advice for wildlife on farmland across the UK.

Species Champions

There are active Species Champions projects in Westminster, Senedd Cymru and the Scottish Parliament that partner elected representatives with leading conservation organisations to bring political support to the protection and promotion of threatened wildlife.

Species recovery logos - Back form the brink, Natur am Byth!, Species on the edge

Species Recovery

Programmes aiming to improve the fortunes of most threatened species.