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The Back from the Brink (BftB) programme (2017-21) was an ambitious partnership initiative developed by Rethink Nature and Natural England and supported by the National Lottery.  It aimed to save some of our most threatened species from extinction and to put them back on the road to recovery, working through 19 conservation projects across England.  The 8 BftB partners came together to pool expertise alongside 100+ other organisations, developing new ways of working and significantly boosting more integrated efforts for species recovery.

As a result of the Back from the Brink Programme, 83 priority species have seen improvements to their conservation status and prospects, with 201 species benefiting in total. People across the country were also inspired to discover, value and act for threatened animals, plants and fungi.

people who learnt new skills
people were directly engaged
people volunteered their time

Around 59,000 people were directly engaged – including over 10,000 who learnt new skills and nearly 4,000 people who volunteered their time, with many millions of people also being indirectly engaged through for example promotional activity.

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