About this programme

Natur am Byth will deliver an extensive natural heritage and outreach programme across Wales. It is being led by a partnership that brings the Rethink Nature partners together with Natural Resources Wales, the Marine Conservation Society and the Vincent Wildlife Trust.

"Natur am Byth!" translates from Welsh into English as "Nature Forever!" The programme will focus on the species facing the greatest threat of extinction and of particular importance to Wales, working in the landscapes and coastal areas that are of most significance for them. It will reconnect people to nature, and the partnership will give much needed capacity into the natural heritage sector to save threatened species. It will also create a new wave of nature ambassadors and celebrate Cynefin – the distinct natural heritage that underpins communities across Wales.

Natur am Byth will integrate terrestrial and marine management issues, supporting vulnerable marine species as well as those on land and freshwater.

Funded by


The partnership secured National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) support in June 2021 to develop detailed proposals, which will be submitted to NLHF in early 2023. Should this submission be successful, the Programme will run from September 2023 to September 2027, with co-funding from Welsh Government and others.