Rethink Nature (RN) is a partnership of seven organisations with a focus on the conservation of species in the UK:

We have a common vision of a healthy planet, rich in diverse wildlife, where species thrive alongside people and where people’s love of nature means that we respect and cherish other species and benefit from the health and wealth that comes from a thriving natural world.

We have been working together since 2013 because:

  • We share a common focus on championing species conservation.
  • We are committed to joint action and believe that we can make a greater difference for species, nature and people by working collectively and collaboratively.
  • We share a common scientific approach to our work, by measuring impact at the level of individual species populations.
  • We work collectively to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of the each of the partners.
  • We look to make a difference: within the partner organisations, through the Partnership and with other organisations and individuals.


Rethink Nature is not a formal partnership, and not a merger: we come together when necessary and act independently where that makes sense.